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Beyond A Normal Stash Box Set

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What Makes Pox Box Unique?

Stash Box Set For Travel & Leisure

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What Makes Pox Box Unqiue?


A metal clasp closes and secures the lid on your loud. The thick securing foam provides an odor-reducing barrier with the lid closed.

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Choose your preferred pipe, jar, & grinder for unique personalization of your Pox Box. Or add your personal pipe/grinder.

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Thick charcoal foam has been hand cut to fit & protect items, preventing them from banging together or moving during travel. Also provides an odor reducing barrier.

How are we Unique?

Stashed & Ready To Roll

Keep your goods inside a discreet stash box that secures & reduces the odor of your bud. A quick flip of the latch reveals a smell-proof jar nestled alongside a glass pipe, SharpStone grinder, RAW rolling papers, and two BiC lighters. Secured by foam that protects your pieces while createing an odor-resistant seal when the lid is closed.

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