What Makes a Pox Box Unique?

Subtlety Private

Get nearly everything you need for a sesh (pipe, grinder, jar, lighter, and papers,) inside a stylish wooden box that is designed to be subtle and odor minimizing while hiding and protecting your stash. A metal clasp secures the lid, but when opened you reveal a one of-a-kind glass pipe, an odor-controllong glass jar, a 63mm SharpStone grinder, two lighters, & RAW papers! All of these items are hand carved into thick insulating foam creates an additional odor-resistant seal when the lid is closed. 

Order your Curated Classic if you trust us to make your set look amazing or of you are looking for a surprise combination of pipe, jar, grinder, papers, & lighters.

Exclusivly Personal

Our wood boxes are stained & sealed with a light varnish that gives them a stylish & discreet look and allowing for easy personalization and/or painting. We encourage you to personalize the outside of the box, and allow us to pack the inside full of goods that you select! Choose a glass pipe, SharpStone grinder, & glass jar that you will be secured alongside two BiC lighters and RAW papers.

Purchasing a Customized Essential allows you to personalize the staples of your stash box set!

Exceptionally Protected

Minimize unwanted smells & safeguard your goods from prying eyes with the Pox Boxes insulation* and odor-resistant jars. The Pox Box reduces the scent with the lid closed, but more importantly, it saves you from hearing the excruciating sound of your glass piece banging against your metal grinder thanks to our thick foam padding. With the latch closed, your Pox Box provides privacy, portability, and protection that is often not found in fully loaded stash boxes. 

Don't want to get rid of your pipe or grinder? Add them to a Pox Box with The Personalized Necessity!

Conveniently Portable

At just over the same size as a tissue box (8.5" x 5.3" x 3.5"), there are few places the Pox Box won't be able to fit. Perfect for a picnic in the park, being tucked in a backpack during a hike, brought along for a road trip, or hidden away in a dresser or closet, so the roommates/parents don't find it.