The Customized Essential
The Customized Essential
The Customized Essential
The Customized Essential
The Customized Essential
The Customized Essential
6 grinder color options. Green. Red. Gray. Black. Silver. Blue
Loaded Pox Box bein held up overlooking a yard in the foreground and a valley in the background.
wooden box with foam inside. Resting on the foam is a Glass Jar, Colorful, pipe, RAW rolling Papers, Metal  Grinder, and Lighter.
Privte. Portable. Protected. Visit for Details.
Four Pox Boxes resting on the floor.

The Customized Essential


Your fully customized stash box set means you select a unique silicone or glass pipe, an odor-reducing stash jar, & a SharpStone grinder color to match! All three items are secured by thick foam inside a wooden box that is the size of a tissue box.

Additionally, your selected items will be nestled next to RAW rolling papers, and two full-size BIC lighters. All items are protected within hand-cut foam that prevents them from banging together & pairs as an odor minimizing barrier when the lid is closed*.

Included within Your Pox Box:

  • 3"-4" Colorful Glass Pipe
  • 63mm SharpStone Grinder
  • 3-5 oz Smell Proof Glass Jar
  • 1 1/4 In RAW Rolling Papers
  • 2 Full-Size BIC Lighters
  • Thick Insulating Foam
  • Thin Lining Foam

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Designed For Privacy

Our sleek wooden boxes are stained & sealed a light oak color that can easily remain inconspicuous, or allows for easy customization!

Multi-layer Protection

Precision crafting and securing of foam prevents metal banging against glass and acts as an odor-trapping barrier when the lid is closed.

Pox Box

Personalized By You

Choose the staples of your stash box set! Select from 30 pipes, 5 colors of SharpStone grinder, & 5 unique odor-reducing jars.

Sized For Portability

At the same size as a tissue box, there is not many places that your pox Box won't fit while carrying everything you need for a sesh.

Pox Box isn't JUST an on-the-go smoking box, it's overall just a great stash box for bud.

I love that everything I needed was in one box!

Hannah G - Etsy

Forget the old shoe box, this has everything I need & keeps its shape!

Chris B - Phoenix, AZ


*Pox Box does NOT claim that these stash boxes will block all smells and will not protect you in all cases. They are designed to minimize the smell that is released from your dank, not to eliminate it.